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      Xiongtao hydrogen company and Wuhan University of technology promote the transformation of key technology achievements of fuel cell
      2021/7/9 15:19:37

      This morning, the 2021 Wuhan Science and technology achievements transformation and docking activity · intelligent manufacturing special session, sponsored by Wuhan Municipal People's government, held in Wuhan Economic Development Zone "science and technology enabling, intelligent creating future". Dr. Xiong Yun, chairman of xiongtao hydrogen, attended and signed a contract with Wuhan University of technology on the achievement transformation of "hydrogen injector for hydrogen recovery and utilization of anode tail of high efficiency fuel cell engine".

      Technology empowerment, intelligent creation of the future

      At the signing ceremony, Xiong Yun, chairman of xiongtao hydrogen, and fan Tao, vice president of School of automotive engineering, Wuhan University of technology, signed a contract with Professor Luo Maji on the project of "hydrogen injector for hydrogen recovery and utilization of anode tail of high efficiency fuel cell engine" with 10 million yuan. Xiongtao hydrogen will industrialize this patented technology in the next three years to fill the gap in China.

      The world's first innovation has a good application prospect

      Hydrogen recovery system is an important part of fuel cell engine. Previously, the system mainly used hydrogen circulation pump and ejector for hydrogen recovery. Hydrogen circulation pump is a kind of electronic pump with high cost, high power consumption, vibration and noise. As an alternative product, the ejector overcomes the above shortcomings, but it has the problem that the optimal tail hydrogen reflux ratio is fixed at a specific working condition.

      The R & D achievement transformation project "hydrogen injector for hydrogen recovery and utilization of anode tail of high efficiency fuel cell engine" signed by Wuhan xiongtao hydrogenxiong and Prof. Luo Maji of Wuhan University of technology is still the first in the world. It is a technical improvement on the basis of the ejector, which can achieve the best reflux ratio under different working conditions, In addition, the maximum utilization efficiency of tail hydrogen can be obtained under the condition of ensuring the optimal reflux ratio. At the same time, the humidification of hydrogen inlet can be adjusted to reduce the requirements of humidification system and greatly improve the efficiency and economy of fuel cell system, which has a very good application prospect.

      With the help of regional layout to ensure the industrialization prospect of achievements

      In order to accelerate the local transformation of this achievement, with the support of Wuhan University of technology and Wuhan Economic Development Zone, Wuhan xiongtao hydrogen Xiong has designed and analyzed the "hydrogen injector for hydrogen recovery and utilization of anode tail of high efficiency fuel cell engine", and has completed 3D data modeling and fluid simulation verification. Xiongtao hydrogen will spend half a year on product calibration to ensure the maximum recovery and utilization of tail hydrogen, and strive to apply it to xiongtao hydrogen's mature products in batches within three years. As a domestic enterprise with a complete industrial chain of domestic hydrogen fuel cell, xiongtao hydrogen company will use this achievement as far as possible in supporting fuel cell vehicles. With the help of xiongtao hydrogen company's regional layout, it will further promote the industrialization of this achievement through various regional landing projects.

      Founded in 2017, Wuhan xiongtao hydrogen Xiong is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen hydrogen Xiong fuel cell Co., Ltd. (xiongtao hydrogen Xiong). At present, the company focuses on the production and sales of hydrogen fuel cell engines. It is estimated that by 2025, Wuhan xiongtao hydrogen company will build a hydrogen energy industrial park integrating fuel cell engine system, electric stack and membrane electrode to help Wuhan build a national hydrogen energy demonstration city.