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      Application of hydrogen fuel cell: Portable fuel cell
      2021/7/12 16:29:01

      Compared with other types of cells, hydrogen fuel cell is more suitable for specific occasions. For example, some types of fuel cells are more suitable for small portable power supply and standby power supply. Large power supply can be used for fuel cell vehicle power supply or some fixed power supply. Today, we mainly talk about the portable power supply for hydrogen fuel cell applications.

      Portable fuel cell

      The portable hydrogen fuel cell system is divided into two power ranges:
      (1)Below 100W, as a battery substitute;
      (2)Up to 1kW, as a portable generator. The biggest advantage of using portable fuel cells is that they are a compact, light, efficient and durable portable power supply, which can extend the working time of the equipment without recharging。
      Most common batteries used as secondary power supply (rechargeable) have a charger system. They are composed of AC chargers. In order to charge, they must be plugged into the power socket, or they are composed of DC chargers. They will rely on other common batteries for recharging. These solutions are not feasible for many military and future portable electronic devices because they are too heavy and impractical to meet current power requirements。
      Portable fuel cell power generation products are widely used as follows:
      1.Notebook computer;
      2. Mobile power tools;
      3. Mobile phone;
      4. Camera;
      5. Military equipment;
      6. Ordinary battery charger;
      7. Computer;
      8. Unattended sensor;
      9. Unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned underwater vehicles;
      One of the most critical issues for all fuel cell types is fuel and its storage. For portable fuel cells, the limitation of hydrogen storage tank capacity is sometimes a problem. Other fuel types, such as metal hydride, methanol, formic acid and ethanol, provide a reasonable choice because only a small portion of the fuel needs to be stored in the container for fuel cell use. Methanol and ethanol can be directly supplied to the fuel cell as fuel, or a fuel reformer can be equipped on the fuel cell system.

      In the initial commercial application of hydrogen fuel cell, portable fuel cell is mainly used in military industry. The 200W hydrogen energy portable fuel cell power generation system of Pearl Electric Power effectively reduces the weight of power generation equipment under the condition of power demand in the field environment. And different specifications of gas cylinders can be selected according to the demand. The product has the advantages of simple operation, small size, light weight, low noise and environmental protection.