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      Shanghai municipal government executive meeting decided to speed up the development of new energy vehicle industry
      2020/12/23 21:32:10

      Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of Shanghai municipal Party committee and mayor, presided over the executive meeting of Shanghai municipal government today (14 days) to promote the high-quality development of the comprehensive bonded zone in Shanghai and accelerate the development of the city's comprehensive bonded new energy automobile industry development.

      The meeting agreed in principle to the implementation opinions of Shanghai on promoting the high-quality development of comprehensive bonded areas, and pointed out that Shanghai started early and made great efforts to explore the construction of special customs supervision areas, and the overall development level was in the forefront of the country. We should play a greater role in building central nodes and strategic links, promote and guide enterprises to better allocate resources and deeply integrate into the global industrial chain, value chain and supply chain based on the platform of comprehensive insurance zone. It is necessary to play a greater role in the expansion of opening up and innovation management, benchmark the highest standard and the best level, build the comprehensive insurance zone into a new highland of comprehensively deepening reform and opening up, accurately grasp the new opportunities brought by the signing and implementation of RCEP, and innovate the business and supervision mode. We should play a greater role in improving economic density and promoting high-quality economic development, increase policy support, and create a better environment for the development of comprehensive protection zone.

      In principle, the meeting agreed on the implementation plan for accelerating the development of new energy automobile industry in Shanghai (2021-2025) and the plan on supporting the development of new energy automobile industry in Shanghai fuel cell automobile industry development policies" and pointed out that new energy vehicles are in a period of great development, and Shanghai must actively seize the commanding heights of the industry with a sense of urgency. It is necessary to encourage the competitive development of different technology routes, accelerate the application of new energy vehicles in the public domain and the layout of charging pile facilities, and strive to establish a brand of new energy vehicles in Shanghai. It is necessary to study and judge the trend and timely adjust the policy guidance and relevant standards.

      Other matters were also examined.