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      In the future, domestic new energy vehicles will step by step increase the demand for power batteries!
      2020/12/23 21:38:15

      This year, the price of lithium is expected to rise faster as Australia's lithium production capacity continues to be cleared and supply continues to shrink. Meanwhile, the growth of lithium demand mainly comes from the power batteries of 3C and new energy vehicles. With the transformation of new energy vehicle market from subsidy driven to market driven, and under the strong promotion of domestic policies, the popularization of new energy vehicles in China is expected to accelerate in the future, and the long-term upward trend of production and sales will also increase the demand for power batteries. The demand for lithium resources, at present, the fear of upstream suppliers in the lithium battery industry continues to increase, the downstream demand for new energy vehicles is highly deterministic, and the arrival of 5g mobile phone replacement trend, it is expected that the price of lithium battery will continue to rise. It shows that the future price will accelerate to rise, and the lithium industry is optimistic. The long-term distribution value of the company can be concentrated on the distribution opportunities after the Department adjustment. At the same time, it is suggested to pay attention to the affiliated companies with complete resource planning, high capacity release and substantial profit increase.

      It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to R & D, production and sales of hydrogen power supply products. As a leader in domestic fuel cell R & D and production, Pearl has gathered nearly 20 years of top technology and development experience in the field of fuel cell, has a first-class R & D team and independently developed domestic leading core technology, and is China's leading supplier of fuel cell products and hydrogen energy comprehensive application solutions.