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      BAIC group 212 hydrogen fuel cell buses to help green winter Olympics !
      2021/4/20 16:11:18

      The vehicles to be delivered by BAIC group include 72 9-meter hydrogen fuel cell buses and 140 12 meter hydrogen fuel cell buses, which will serve the relevant personnel of Yanqing competition area during the Winter Olympics. The hydrogen fuel cell bus developed by BAIC is equipped with the industry-leading fourth generation hydrogen fuel core technology, which can realize fast cold start within 120s at - 30 ℃, and single hydrogenation takes only 10-15 minutes. Among them, the 12m hydrogen fuel bus is the first fuel cell vehicle equipped with 70MPa high-capacity hydrogen storage system in China, with a driving range of more than 500km.

      The vehicle is equipped with power battery compartment high temperature warning system, automatic fire extinguishing system, hydrogen fuel leakage automatic alarm system and other safety design, to provide safe and green travel experience for Winter Olympic participants.