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      Honda announced to stop production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles within this year
      2021/6/16 20:53:25

      Honda announced that it would shut down its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle "classified fuel cell" in the year.

      Honda is reportedly pushing ahead with plant restructuring as part of structural reform, shutting down its sales of its vehicles. While focusing on pure electric vehicles, Honda also joined hands with GM to maintain the research and development of fuel cell vehicles and discuss the launch of new models.

      Honda's policy, it said, is to change all new cars sold globally into "zero emissions vehicles" such as pure electric vehicles by 2040. It also decided to stop the "legend" and "Odyssey" of the top-grade gasoline vehicles.

      It is reported that the fuel cell car, the capital fuel cell, was launched in 2016. The price is 7.83 million yen (including tax, special for rent, about 455400 yuan). Due to the high price and few hydrogenation stations, the sales are low. The car is sold in Japan and the United States, with only about 1900 vehicles sold globally. The additional clarity brand plug-in hybrid vehicles added in 2018 will also stop selling.

      The report points out that the shutdown of clarity, mileage and Odyssey is a measure in conjunction with the closure of the narrow mountain plant in 2021, and Honda will abandon the transfer of the above-mentioned models to other factories.

      Mileage was launched in 1985 for the first generation. It was shut down in 2012 and resumed production as a hybrid vehicle in 2015. At the peak of 1991, sales of about 20000 vehicles have been reduced to 216 by 2020.