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      Welcome to Website of Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Energy Technology Co.

      A supplier of systematic hydrogen solution

      Pearl Hydrogen has formed tight cooperative relations with various companies in the indutry for a number of years, and we can provide comprehensive and systematic hydrogen energy solutions.

      Excellent team & industry expertise

      As a leader in the development and production of air-cooled hydrogen fuel cells in China, Pearl Hydrogen has gained nearly 20 years of hydrogen fuel cell development experience and a first-class R&D team.

      Core technology

      Pearl Hydrogen has mastered the core technologies of catalysts, membrane electrodes, and fuel cell stacks. Pearl Hydrogen is the leading provider of air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell products in China.

      Company Profile

      Pearl Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2006. It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, production and sales of air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell products. With the efforts of R&D team Pearl has gained nearly 20 years of hydrogen fuel cell development experience and mastered the core technologies and key processes of catalysts, membrane electrodes as well as fuel cell stacks. It is the industry's leading provider of air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell products.  

      Hitherto Pearl Hydrogen has successfully developed lots of fuel cell stationary power generators: backup power generator and emergency power generator in different power levels. At the same time,air-cooled fuel cell stacks have been used in telecom industry, forklifts,bicycles, cruise ships, sweepers, touring vehicles and drones. Tight cooperative relations between Pearl Hydrogen and various industry players have been reached at home and abroad.

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