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The latest achievements of clean energy fuel cells can use our liquid excreta to convert into electric energy
2021/11/3 11:32:29

The use of new energy is a common concern of human society. In order to make better recycling development and utilization, people try to use wind, water and other ways to generate electricity. Recently, according to foreign media 91mobiles, researchers from the UK have developed a new clean energy fuel cell, which can convert human liquid excreta into electric energy and then power electronic equipment.

The latest clean energy fuel cells can power mobile phones

It is understood that at the Glastonbury Music Festival two years ago, a project called "urination power generation" was first publicly displayed. It was shown that "urination" can generate stable current, which can power mobile phones, bulbs and robots. People's urine can generate 300 watt hours of power in five days. The invention of the project is mainly based on microbial fuel cells, The battery module is filled with tiny biota.

This technology was developed by Dr. Ioannis ieropoulos of Bristol Robotics Laboratory and his team when building a robot that eats rotten plums and dead flies. After learning that organic waste can power the robot's battery, the team of scientists turned their energy to human excreta and looked forward to the continued development of this technology, So that any organic waste can become a green and electrically powered energy.